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Looking for a decking contractor? Alpha & Omega offers expert decking installation outdoors! We offer premiere wood and composite decking surfaces that will beautify your home. Our professional decking team will guide you on how to best manage your outdoor space and what decking styles you may want to consider. Alpha and Omega ensures you will receive high quality craftsmanship with great affordability. Our services include deck repair, deck construction, deck staining, painting, and finishing.


For those that have a deck, we can inspect your deck and let you know of its current condition. It's important to give your decks the fixes and adjustments they need from time to time with repairs and re-staining. We offer knowledge on how to maintain a deck. Not sure if you want to install a deck? Give us a call and let us inform you if installing a deck for your home is a good idea. Contact Alpha & Omega to get more information on decking services!

Wood Decking: Clients who prefer a more natural look will typically go for wood decks. Wood decks offer beauty and durability which will last a long time with regular maintenance. 

Composite Decking: Clients who prefer low maintenance decks may choose composite decking that offers a rich look and great performance at exceptional value.

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